A Room for Every Occasion

By Eliot on 4thNovember 17, 2017

What if you had a second home that came with your first? At Eliot on 4th’s luxury apartments in DC, we call that our café.

“Café”, however, is selling this impressive space short. It can be whatever you want it to be, whether it’s just for quiet time or watching TV or having a party. It’s the perfect indoor space for the oncoming cold, winter days!

Here’s what you can do in the Eliot on 4th café:

Take It Easy and Telecommute

According to the New York Times, 31 percent of American employees spend 80 to 100 percent of their work time working from home. Whether you’re one of the lucky people at 100 percent or someone who gets to do it a few times a month, the café is at the ready.

Internet? Check. You’ll have a strong signal 24 hours a day. Brew your coffee or tea and get at it in a comfy chair in an even more comfortable setting. You can stay in your pajamas if you want – we won’t bat an eye.


Organize a Meeting

Why have a work meeting in a drab office? Invite your clients or co-workers over for a productive session in the café. There’s a large dining table and more than enough room for a big gathering.

With a full kitchen, you and your guests won’t have to drink office coffee or pick a snack from a vending machine. Show off just how valuable and stylish you are at the luxury DC apartment rentals of Eliot on 4th.

It’s Definitely Not All Work and No Play

That same kitchen and dining area where you hosted a meeting transforms into your party station on the evenings and weekends. Have a delicious meal in with your closest friends and neighbors.

Multiple TVs make the café a perfect venue for group-watching a game or movie or the next addictive streaming series. There’s also plenty of room away from the televisions for those who would rather converse than get hooked to the screen.


Take It Back to Just One or Two 

The café sports two private pods made for one or two. Cozy up with friend or partner and just take it easy for the night. Watch whatever you want and relax in the ambiance of the space.

The café helps make Eliot on 4th the luxury apartments DC renters demand. It’s a beautiful, versatile space that extends your home in more ways than one. Come check it out and see what life’s like at Eliot on 4th’s spacious apartments in Southwest DC.