The Secret to Mid-Century Style

By Eliot on 4thFebruary 15, 2018

Explore the au naturel environment of our Southwest DC apartments. As a design movement, mid-century modern is timeless. Since its development in, well, last mid-century, it has survived 70s paneling, 80s pastel and the ultra-frilly look of the mid-90s. It’s been said to have made a comeback lately, but that’s not quite the right term,…{Read More}

We’ve Got The Room

Organized linen closet in Contemporary bathtub faucet in Eliot on 4th apartment bathroom
By Eliot on 4thOctober 30, 2017

It’s No Myth. Ample Closet Space Does Exist on the Capitol Riverfront at Eliot on 4th. When it comes to closet space in the city, you rarely hear the term “spacious”. Many apartments don’t offer much at all, meaning you’ll have to get creative with chests, dressers and wardrobes. Eliot on 4th presents a different…{Read More}

Warm Up the Fall at Our Southwest Waterfront Apartments

Range and countertops in Eliot on 4th apartment kitchen
By Eliot on 4thOctober 16, 2017

After this hot summer, it’s nice to feel that slight nip in the air – get back to jeans and long sleeves as we watch the trees along the Potomac change color. It’s also time to indulge in fall flavors, and your apartment at Eliot on 4th has the perfect space to get your creative…{Read More}

Reap the Full Benefits of Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

Apartment kitchen and dining area with view of U.S. Capitol dome in background
By Eliot on 4thMay 8, 2017

How important are floor-to-ceiling windows in your apartment for rent in SW DC? It’s not only about the gorgeous views. Think about a light bulb. If you look on the packaging, most bulbs are designed to mimic daylight or provide a warm, comforting glow similar to natural light. No one wants to live under the…{Read More}

Your Pets Are Always Welcome at Our Southwest DC Apartments

Couple walking their dog along sidewalk arm-in-arm
By Eliot on 4thApril 25, 2017

At Eliot on 4th, we know an apartment for rent in Southwest, DC can’t truly make you feel at home without having your pets around. We also think that’s a silly thing to expect – the possibility of your ever choosing an apartment that doesn’t accept a big part of your life. Our Southwest waterfront…{Read More}

Beautifully Harmonized to Match Your Perfect Note

Apartment kitchen and dining area with view of U.S. Capitol dome in background
By Eliot on 4thMarch 27, 2017

Space and style are never sacrificed for a DC location at Eliot on 4th’s Southwest apartments. Moving into the city can be a large adjustment for anyone. Whether you’re accustomed to mountain views, rolling plains or a backyard, changing your single-family home to an apartment requires a bit of an adjustment period. Eliot on 4th…{Read More}

Natural Oasis to the Concrete DC Lifestyle

Street-level exterior view of Eliot on 4th
By Eliot on 4thJanuary 5, 2017

With the concrete jungle feeling of a big city, your home should provide the natural feel of a welcoming oasis blended with impeccable style. This is where Forest City’s newest DC community enters the scene – Eliot on 4th. These brand-new apartments in SW DC are uniquely designed to deliver natural feels in a sophisticated…{Read More}