Take On the Hot Days of Summer

By Eliot on 4thJuly 10, 2018

Feel constant comfort at our luxury apartments in DC.

Do you hate it when it’s warm outside but freezing inside? Or worse yet, when it’s cold outside and hot inside. Have no fear, Eliot on 4th is here, bringing the perfect temperatures to every resident at our luxury apartments in DC.


Climate Control for Every Temperature


It’s not just a fancy way to say air conditioning. It encompasses so much more. No matter what’s going on outside, you’ll have personal control of the temperature in your apartment. Set it however you choose. Do you love to nestle into your bed and sleep under a warm down comforter, regardless of the season? Easily set the controls to lower the temperature in your bedroom at night. On those frigid winter DC days and nights, crank it up to make your home feel like the warmest place in the city.


Open Those Windows


At other apartment buildings, floor-to-ceiling windows can be a drag. Why? They don’t open up! At Eliot on 4th’s apartment homes, there’s always an opening in our floor-to-ceiling windows for you to let the fresh air in. So, when the summer night brings a respite of cool, crack that window and enjoy.

Climate Control Throughout the Building


Yep, beyond your individual home, you’ll find climate control in every hallway, amenity area and room of our luxury apartments in DC. Never worry about the clubhouse being too hot or too cold. Work out in a fitness center set at the optimal temperature to ensure you’re sweating only from your physical exertion. Never feel the need to pull on a sweater, sweatshirt or coat in our lounge spaces and café. (We’d offer the same thing for your work office if we could!)

Balconies and Ceiling Fans


Select Eliot on 4th apartments also feature balconies and ceiling fans. Savor your private outdoor space during the spring, summer and fall. If you like the feel of the breeze, give nature a little help and turn on that fan.


More from the Amenity Areas


On those sweltering DC days (you know what we’re talking about), take matters into your own hands with a splash in the pool. Nothing will feel more refreshing. In the fall and winter, let a fire warm you up at the hearth in the clubhouse or at one of the outdoor fire pits. Yeah, you can set the heat at home, but on crisp nights, nothing beats the heat from a natural fire.

Know What We’re Talking About?


Come on over to our luxury apartments in DC and feel it yourself. The summer heat is coming, and you’ll experience the pleasure of our climate control the moment you step in our building. Set up your personal tour and walk-through! Or, take our word for it and start the leasing process today!