The Best Seat in the House Is Right at Your Luxury DC Apartment

By Eliot on 4thOctober 3, 2017

With the football season upon us, Eliot on 4th wants to make sure you’re surrounded by the best amenities – especially the ones involving game day.

There are three main components to the perfect football viewing play: the TV, the room and the people. If you’re looking for a SW waterfront apartment that can make every game special, you won’t want to punt on Eliot on 4th.


The Ultra HD Viewing Experience

For a luxury apartment in DC, we don’t feel a 55-inch screen cuts the mustard. That’s why the media area in our roof clubroom hosts an 80-inch, HD behemoth, to fully immerse you in the game.

Some places don’t even have theater rooms this big. You’ll love seeing the scope of every play better than if you were front row on the 50-yard line. It’s the type of experience to turn even a non-football fan into a true believer.


The Roof Clubroom

If the 80-inch TV isn’t enough, the roof clubroom at Eliot on 4th will surely win you over. Plush seating surrounds the screen, and there’s even bar seating and a communal dining table.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to continually make trips to your apartment. You won’t even miss a play. The roof clubroom at our DC luxury apartments also includes a full kitchen!

You’ll have all the equipment you need to make wings and other sides, and plenty of room to store the snacks and beverages. So, when it’s kick-off time, both the drinks and eats will be right in hand.


Now It’s Time for the Fans

Let’s be honest. A set-up like this is too good to keep to yourself. Plus, there’s plenty of room for everyone.

Whether it’s Monday or Thursday Night Football, Saturday college games or NFL Sunday, invite your friends over for the party. That’s what the roof clubroom was designed for. No matter how great the TV or the setting, it’s a lot more fun when you’re surrounded by good company.


Who knows, your friends may be so impressed with the game-day setup at Eliot on 4th, you may eventually have some new neighbors! More are always welcome at our beautiful Southwest DC apartments.