High-Tech High Life

By Eliot on 4thJanuary 15, 2018

Sure, technology keeps us all connected. But, when it comes to the best luxury apartments in DC, you should ask another question: how does the building utilize technology to make your life easier?

At Eliot on 4th, our solution is to incorporate technology right into the design of your home.


Presto! You’re In.

When you’re living at Eliot on 4th, there’s no reason to carry a massive key chain. If your pocket or purse is ready to burst with those pointy, jagged things we call keys, you can eliminate that problem just by moving in.

Our Southwest apartments boast a highly secure, keyless apartment and building entry system. No more standing outside your door, shuffling for your keys while balancing a bag of groceries. Just like Ali Baba, a technical “open sesame” gets you in!


Stop Searching for Your Charger

Do you have three or more chargers and never know where they are? You’re not alone. Our advice? Take one or two of them and leave them plugged into your in-apartment USB outlets.

Plug your phone in next to the bed and ditch that old alarm clock. Know that your laptop or iPad is always ready to go. Never again be caught running out of your Southwest apartment with only 10% of juice.


Wander Free, Untethered and Connected

Eliot on 4th’s Navy Yard apartments make no bones about using technology to raise the luxury bar, but how can we accomplish that if you’re stuck within the radius of your apartment home’s Wi-Fi signal?

From our large café and indoor lounges to the fitness center and courtyard spaces, you can tap into our strong signal for all of your browsing needs. Grab a seat in a private pod and stream a movie. We even supply enough juice for telecommuters and for hosting meetings. Wander around the entire building and never lose touch with the online world.


Oh, and if that battery’s low, you know exactly where the charger is – plugged into one of the USB outlets in your luxury apartment in DC.