The Secret to Mid-Century Style

By Eliot on 4thFebruary 15, 2018

Explore the au naturel environment of our Southwest DC apartments.

As a design movement, mid-century modern is timeless. Since its development in, well, last mid-century, it has survived 70s paneling, 80s pastel and the ultra-frilly look of the mid-90s.

It’s been said to have made a comeback lately, but that’s not quite the right term, as it never really left. Mid-century modern is about evolution – a continual incorporation of new textures and materials into a palette of organic and geometric forms.

You’ve most likely experienced it in your favorite restaurants, home furnishing stores and, now, apartment homes.

The Perfect Blend of Old and New

Mid-century modern is about bringing the outside in, complementing natural elements with non-traditional building materials. In our Southwest DC apartments, you’ll find this with the pairings of sustainable wood flooring, Caesarstone® quartz countertops, Moen® chrome fixtures, travertine tile and glass-tile backsplashes.

The lines are sleek yet functional, creating a relaxing, uncluttered environment that eliminates unnecessary ornamentation. This gives Eliot on 4th apartments an organic feel – a home that’s both modern and comfortable.

Green Space Within

Mid-century modern is highly influenced by Scandinavian minimalism and the naturalistic architecture exemplified by Frank Lloyd Wright.

You’ll experience this not only in your home but also throughout the amenity spaces. Interior rooms flawlessly transition to outdoor spaces. Multiple courtyards bring in the green, while the backdrop of national monuments decorates the sights of our outdoor rooftop lounge.

Practice What You Preach

In order to keep with a “natural” décor theme, the construction of Eliot on 4th had to follow suit. As such, the building was designed to achieve LEED Gold® certification for a healthy, energy-saving and highly efficient living space.

LEED Gold® certification works its way into the choice for construction materials, air quality measures and total building water use. If you’re an environmentally conscious person, our goal is to assure you that your home here has made the strides to be as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible.

Seeing Is Believing

Want to experience the secret to mid-century modern’s enduring longevity? Schedule a tour of Eliot on 4th’s luxury southwest DC apartment rentals.

Walk the halls, peek into an available home and try out the amenity spaces. We’d love to prove how mid-century modern is the right style for you.