Winter is wonderful at the waterfront

By Eliot on 4thNovember 27, 2018

While away the winter at Eliot on 4th Apartments in SW DC.

Our apologies to Game of Thrones, but… winter is coming. And by all reports, it looks like it will be a cold one. Have no fear, Eliot on 4th is the perfect place to get cozy after fighting (or enjoying) the elements.

Starting with the large windows in each apartment, you can watch the snow fall while you stay nice and toasty inside. Maybe even subtly mock Jack Frost by heating up a mug of hot cocoa with extra snowman-shaped marshmallows. Take a seat in your favorite chair and enjoy the complete comfort of your haven at Eliot on 4th.

In fact, many of the lounges and seating areas at Eliot on 4th offer a warm place to sit and gaze outside. Take a trip to the roof and get a panoramic view of DC during a snowstorm, from the inside lounge of course. Or head to the first floor and contemplate braving the courtyard from one of the many seats surrounding it. Or you could wander down to our 1800-square-foot fitness center and work up a winter sweat on the cardio machines.

Though the wind may blow and nip at your nose, a walk along the waterfront can be a serene diversion to gather your thoughts and get outdoors for a moment. It’s only a couple blocks to the water from Eliot on 4th and when you get back, you can perch on the couch in front of the fireplace to recoup your lost warmth.

If you want to enrich your morning, afternoon or evening, there are always a myriad of winter-friendly activities nearby that don’t involve enduring or watching the weather. Our advice, though, would be to head down to Eliot on 4th as soon as possible so you can take a tour and find the perfect apartment to make this winter the best you’ve ever spent in DC.